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CodoSoft NNTPd is a NNTP (v2) server / proxy intended for use at home, in small/medium companies or working groups (< 500 users).

Free, easy to install and administer, it nevertheless features advanced functionality :
  • Runs as a Windows service on all platforms (32 & 64 bit)
  • Implement a NNTP proxy (Can be set to anonymous) to exchange articles with external servers.
  • Management interface with preview of articles,
  • 100% multi-threaded,
  • IP v4 / v6 and secure connections over SSL,
  • Logs (Internal, windows event log, syslog and/or text file with rotation),
  • Advanced access rights for reading and posting,
  • Can limit the maximum number of connections on the server, by IP or authenticated user,
  • Can limit the size of articles, by default or newsgroups (using wildmat),
  • Can limit the number of headers, the number of "Newsgroups" and "Followup-To" and can take action on obsolete headers,
  • Ability to accept or reject articles with attachments, depending on the newsgroups in which they are posted,
  • Support for moderated and invisible newsgroups,
  • Auto-prevention against double posts,
  • And more ...


The management GUI (Console)



CodoSoft NNTPd is provided as FREEWARE, whether for private or commercial use. However, to help develop the software or to show your support, you are free to donate.

Version : 2.5.425.0
Statut : Stable
Date : June 21, 2017

32-bit version
  MD5: 951BA5E0D10EC3298F18393480455168
  SHA-1: C56F0C0AF31E06AC843396C815F975E216A3B890

64-bit version
  MD5: 960913AA2AC998BF878BE39C8A26FA9D
  SHA-1: 9E7B80D68A865D94F8E4217CF3C0AB7DF55884E8


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